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  1. About a year after Mt. Helens blew its top, I went to Seattle to see by brother, who use to live in Tacoma. we drove to the area but could not get up to the top of the mtn. because the roads were still closed off. I think i bought some Mt. St. Helen’s ash at a little tourist spot. (LOL) But it was a beautiful drive all the way there. Lots of luck on the sunshine, August is the warmest and sunnest time of year in the Seattle area. Beautiful country, too many people for me, kinda of like when I lived in LA, late 80’s until early 90′. But I was in my 20’s then, didn’t bother me. Many LA people moved to Tacoma after several bad earthquakes It where to be.Lots of luck. It is a beautiful state, good sports team, culture, seafood, etc. Take it all in while you are there. But there is no place like HOME! See you at your upcoming wedding!!Debbie & Jeff Doyle

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