2 Years!

Andrew and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in Oregon at McMenamin’s Grand Lodge for the weekend. It was originally built as an orphanage for children who lost their parents traveling the Oregon Trail. It was later turned into a senior living community and then into a hotel. There is a theater in the hotel with free movies and local McMenamin’s Brewery Beer at all the restaurants and bars throughout the hotel grounds. We also visited a sake factory nearby, and learned on the tour that they are the only American owned sake factory in the world. Who knew we were so close? We came home with two bottles even though during the tasting Andrew discovered that sake in not his favorite.

The entire place is painted very eclectically. There are stories and images painted throughout the halls and each room is named after a previous resident. Our room was the Al Reynolds room.

We decided to take the longer more scenic route home, up 101/Oregon Coast Highway, so that we could get a few glimpses of the ocean.

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