Good times with Casey & Nelson

One of my good friends, Casey, from AmeriCorps had her boyfriend, Nelson, in town this weekend so we spent Saturday evening with them. Good times were had by all, even if they are a little fuzzy.

We started out with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then headed down the street to the bar, Von’s, where Casey and I started out with the house martinis, ouch!

Angie also joined up for the later part of the evening. This bar has a happy hour wheel with different deals and it gets spun every thirty minutes. We got $3 vodka ice teas and the next spin was $4 lemon drops and we felt it was necessary to order 2 rounds immediately.

After closing Von’s (it’s a hotel too, so they close earlier than typical bars), we headed towards home but got distracted by the Chapel on the way. It’s an old church that’s been converted into a martini bar… oh so good! Techno and laser lights… who could complain!

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