Doors Come Down, Floors Come Up

I took down the upper cabinet doors and began painting. I cleaned everything with a deglosser. I removed all the hinges, patched all the holes with wood putty, and then sanded everything.

These are the primed cabinets. I did not work on the pantry or the lower cabinets since they are going to have be pulled out to lay the new floor. I didn’t want to worry about scratching a new paint job. They will get done after the new floors are laid.

I laid all the doors out in the garage propped up on wood blocks and used a space heater while painting. I learned from painting the test cabinet that the temperature made a big difference in drying/curing time for the latex/oil paint. I have only done the first two coats on the backsides of the doors. I am letting the doors set overnight before I flip them and give the fronts of the cabinets 2 coats.

Andrew pulled up the carpet that runs down the hall by they bathroom and laundry room and then started pulling up the dining room area floor.

Andrew is leaving the flooring in the kitchen area for later since he’ll have to move the lower cabinets and undo plumbing.