Something Borrowed, Something Blue

As I begin thinking about our upcoming floor (which snowballs into kitchen) overhaul and Andrew’s parents coming in just about a month, I realize I need a plan for this space. We’ve already decide we’re going to paint our existing cabinets white and of course, my first thought is a green a kitchen would be great, right?! But Andrew quickly pointed out that we already have a green bedroom, laundry room and powder room. He makes a good point. So with a little research and Pinterest inspiration, I think we’re going with blue. It’s easy to go crazy on things like Pinterest and Etsy and dream of all the new things that would work in your new space. So instead I’m trying to include things I already have that could work well in my new kitchen.

Blue Jars from our wedding and a garage sale.

My blue pyrex bowls from an antique shop in Oscoda, Michigan. My granny bought these for our wedding. After I’d spotted them in the shop she went back the next day and got them secretly. She’s so good!

Blue cups found at Goodwill, perfect for espressos 🙂

Goodwill dishes… with lids! That’s always a good find.

Coffee mugs from our wedding

A clearance serving platter I got for $4

As I mention my office is closing and I got this light fixture for free. I did have to buy a replacement glass shade because one was broken. This will probably hang above our dining table. Speaking of, we finally invested in a dining table a little less than a year ago. We ate off a card table for several years before breaking down and getting a “real” table.

 So, these are some of my own inspiration that I’m trying to keep in mind as I plan.

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