Hello Shiny New Floors!

DAY 1:
We had already torn out all the carpet in the living room and hallway, but the carpet also went partially up the side of the fireplace. We remove that along with all the hideous little brown tiles covering our monster of a fireplace.

There are 3 generations demoing the fireplace.

Then we added new drywall to the fireplace surround. It already looks so much better.

We also removed the lower cabinets in the kitchen and swapped the upper cabinets so that the fridge could be moved to the left. In its current position the door blocked the pantry and hits the oven. This should be lots more functional 🙂

DAY 2:
We painted the kitchen blue, I removed the drawers and doors to prep them for paint AND Tracy and Andrew started laying the new wood floor.

DAY 3: More flooring went down and since we had access to the downstairs ceiling through the sub-floor, we replaced the light/fan to the guest bathroom.

DAY 4: More flooring went down and they managed to make it into the kitchen from both sides of the wall and match up. Yay!

DAY 5: The kitchen floor is complete. Andrew and Tracy started off the day by ripping out the counter with the sink and pulling out the lower cabinets and dishwasher. They finished laying all the wood flooring and had the lower cabinets and dishwasher back in place before dinner 🙂

DAY 6:
The last day! They finished laying the living room flooring today and, AND THE THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! I will have to post some before picture for comparison, but what a difference. Everything feels bigger and oddly enough this made our floors quieter I think. Super thrilled!

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