Baby Room Beginnings

We got our crib last weekend from some friends and my parents came in town this weekend, so the pressure was on to get this in order.

BEFORE: The room started off as a grey/purple. We ripped out the old trim and had some wall patching to do. (We have now officially replaced all the trim in the entire house.)

Andrew wanted vibrant colors and I struggle with making a color decision so we ended up with two, blue and green.

AFTER: I traded out the purple guest sheets for blue ones that went along with the room. Luckily I had already purchased grey curtains and comforter, so I didn’t need to sweat coordinating those. The furniture is back in place and all the baby stuff is “neatly” hidden in the closet.

Now that the rearranging and major overhaul of the room is done we I can work on the decorating details.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Andrew will be very happy to hear the words bright and fun. I think he was worried I would go to neutral.

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