The Parentals Visit!

My parents visited this past week and it was absolutely great. They flew into Portland first and visited with Sarah and then took the bus up to Seattle. They were on their own mostly for the first three days because Andrew and I had to work. They went on the Boeing Tour up in Everett and then took the Victoria Clipper to the San Juan Islands for a whale tour and visited Friday Harbor. We introduced them to the game of Penny Arcade, ate great food including sushi, Thai, Teddy’s burgers, cupcakes and homemade creme brulee, hiked Rattlesnake Mountain, did a little shopping, took the $1 Redhook Brewery Tour, saw The Dark Knight Rises, and I took mom for her first facial as a birthday gift. Unfortunately Andrew wasn’t able to take any time off, but he was able to duck out early a few days to hang out with us. We managed to avoid the record breaking heat that they got to experience during their last visit and had just about perfect weather.

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