Hacksaw's Baby Shower

Debbie and Gabe threw a great party/baby shower over the weekend. It was gaming themed… we painted, ate delicious meat, and had a great time seeing everybody.

You can see the artists intently at work, some happier with their final product than others (…Nina).

Everyone painted gaming graphics on little canvases to be hung in the baby room as once piece of art on multiple canvases, a polyptych is the technical term if you’re smart like that (which I’m not, I had to look it up too).

Emily made this great sign for the shower that said “Welcome New Player” and she had a little sign on it for each of baby’s nicknames, Pacific Spiny Lump Sucker, Turtle, Little Man Hampton, and Hacksaw. It’s now hanging in the baby room awaiting his arrival.

And thanks to Henry for taking the great pictures!

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