2 Weeks

Henry and Laura visited early in the week and brought us Jimmy John’s for lunch, nom nom nom!

And thanks to Henry for getting a few great photos while he visited 🙂 

Aiden getting held by mom and dad before the grandparents arrival.

Aiden has been more awake and alert this past week so we’ve been using his boppy pillow more, trying  out our baby carriers around the house and getting in a little tummy time.  

Aiden is a Halo 4 Production baby! The game launched this week during Andrew’s second week off work. We finished campaign so we could officially watch the credits and see his name. You can find Andrew and Aiden’s names here.

We had a great visit with Tracy and Sherri this week. We didn’t do a whole lot since I am unfortunately still recovering from Mastitis, Andrew and I are of course pretty sleep deprived and still adjusting to our new life. We were able to get a little more sleep since there were extra hands to hold the little guy. I’m not sure Andrew held him more than once and I hardly held him more than for feedings (which we were both completely okay with). Sherri also did a ton of cooking (see photo for proof, I know it’s hard to believe), and snuck in some cleaning when I wasn’t looking.

Aiden spent most of his time with his grandparents napping.

He also got a bath from his Granny.
Our doula, Debra, visited for the last time on Friday. She brought one of her baby carriers for us to try, we reviewed the labor/birth experience, and went over breastfeeding techniques/strategies. I was over producing big time, probably the better of the two problems to have, but this was causing issues with latch and comfort. Pumping was useful but also maintained the problem. We began doing block feeding which helped to reduce my supply. We also made an appointment with a lactation consultant to get help with some other minor issues. Have I mentioned breastfeeding is tough? It is, more so than I expected. It is definitely learned, not instinctual, for both mom and baby and I don’t know how some moms do it without help. Aiden’s umbilical cord fell off this week right at 10 day… thank goodness, because is was smelly. We also ventured out this week for frozen yogurt. I know, right, how exciting?! Aiden slept the whole time which was perfect, however it didn’t stop Andrew and I from subconsciously wolfing down our dessert for fear that any moment our pleasant outing could be ended. I’m sure a little more practice with leaving the house and we’ll feel less on edge 😛