3 Weeks

Aiden’s working those neck muscles 🙂

Emily stopped by for a visit. 
Nina visited with cupcakes, YUM!
Aiden got his first bottle from Dad this week. This probably won’t be a regular thing just yet, but nice to have the flexibility if I need a break plus it will be a good way for the two of them to bond in the evenings once Andrew’s back at work.  
Here’s a very tired mom with a very tired baby.
Andrew took a third week off of work which was much needed for all of us and I greatly appreciated having him around one more week. I’m definitely not feeling 100% recovered, still trying to master breastfeeding, and we’re all still figuring out this new life. Andrew has been awesome enough to spend several nights upstairs with Aiden so I can get quality sleep between feedings. Andrew brings Aiden to me when he’s hungry so all I have to do is sit up in bed, feed him, and go back to sleep. Andrew does the diaper changing, re-swaddling and gets him back to sleep. It has been quite a lifesaver when I’m feeling extra sleep deprived and flustered. We’ve been lucky enough to get a few 4 hour runs between feedings this week which gives us hope that sleeping will get better. “This isn’t forever” Andrew reminds me. It’s ver much one day at a time and to think beyond that overwhelms me a little. We met with a lactation consultant earlier this week which was a great help (thankfully tongue tie is not a concern for our little guy) and nursing is becoming a little less painful and stressful everyday. I got a prescription and now that my supply has decreased Aiden’s latch is much better. I’ve managed to escape the house alone a few times (once for a doctor’s appointment, boo) and gone to target for a little browsing and some necessities.