Week 1 with Baby Aiden

Getting swaddled by daddy…

Sometimes instead of crying he just chooses to scream…

We brought you home on Tuesday after 26 hours at the hospital and we were so happy to be in our space to start adjusting.

Debra visited with us on Wednesday and she was an absolute great help with using our baby carriers and breast feeding. She also lent us her swaddler which I think has been a big life saver and we’ve already order two of our own. 

Nina, Debbie, Gabe, Tom, Emily and Janna all visited us this week to meet Aiden. I think he was on his best behavior (sleeping) for all but one visit.

After eating he often just passes out wherever he is and I hate to swaddle him up right away because he just seems so darn content and cute.

Aiden also got his first bath from mom and dad at home this week. After several diaper mishaps (pee fountains), a little spit up and a pending doctor’s appointment we felt he was due for a good cleaning 🙂

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