6 Weeks

A little switch flipped in Aiden’s head this week and all the sudden he is “talking” and smiling at us regularly. It started Thursday evening after he finished eating. Andrew was doing a little work from home and I was sitting next to him. I propped Aiden up in my lap to entertain him while he was alert and content except this time he did his own entertaining. He started smiling over and over at us and when I would talk to him you could see him focus and then he’d start to move his little mouth and made all kinds of happy cooing noises. It’s great! The past weeks his noises had been a warning to us that at any minute he might blow up. He also went 5 hours between feedings one night this past weekend, yay progress (let’s hope it lasts)! Aiden has his one month appointment this week (a little behind schedule because his doctor was sick). He is now 11 lb and 23 inches long. He is definitely getting plenty to eat. 

 Aiden’s feet don’t touch the floor and he’s s a little wobbly in this bouncer, but in an effort to keep him happy while awake one evening we tried it. He seemed to enjoy it for about 10 minutes before you could tell he was getting tired. Holding himself up in any way is hard work!

 Tom and Emily have visited us several times in the last few weeks, but I had yet to get a picture of Tom and Aiden. Here it is finally. And (drum role please) after years of effort trying to befriend our cats, Tom also got a new friend when Elly decided to climb up and sleep in his lap.

We celebrated Ninja Givingristmawanzikkah this weekend at Debbie and Gabe’s house (an excuse to eat tons of great food). Nom Nom Nom!
 Clark and Jen got to meet Hacksaw for the first time 🙂
 Of course, Nina was happy to spend as much time with the little man as she could.
Nina created a painting for each of the ninjas as holiday gifts. 
Ours was inspired after she visited Aiden for the first time and we LOVE IT. It was actually the one that stood out to me when we walked in the house. It’s already hanging in his room. 
And Gabe held a very alert and squirmy baby. I’m not sure what they’re faces are saying about each other in the first picture, but they are definitely friends in the second one. 🙂

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