Indiana (Part 1)

Getting to Indiana was more challenging than we expected. As many of you already know our flight was a disaster. Our initial flight was delayed and we were going to miss our connection in Denver so both our flights were rebooked to a red-eye that night. We wound up stuck in North Carolina because of the snow storm in Indiana, we had 3 cancelled flights before finally gettting a flight to Louisville and my dad drove down to pick us up. So after 18 hours in airports and planes, a 2.5 hr drive from Louisville, and 36 hours without sleep we made it. Aiden didn’t seem to have any trouble at all, but I wouldn’t have either if someone pushed me around while I slept through the whole thing 🙂

Here’s the living room as we packed for Indiana. It didn’t take too long to pack because I had been making a list throughout the week. It was just a mess organizing and fitting everything into bags.
It was a great relief to finally relax once we made it to my parents. Andrew’s family came over for a quick visit since his sisters hadn’t met Aiden yet. Aunt Ali really wanted him to wake up and play, but he was tuckered out from his journey. My mom and Sarah were still up in Michigan for the holidays at this point, so he spent lots of quality time with Dzia Dzia. 
 Lauren and her mom came over the next day to meet the little guy. 
We describe Aiden as a “zero to sixty” baby and he demonstrated this well… 
 Aiden got to meet his Great Papo and Karen. 
And hung out with Connie later that day. 
 Charlie and Gracie couldn’t have cared less about this little screaming “puppy” that was invading their space. 
 Moose was very nervous and not too sure we were doing our jobs right. He was a very good supervisor. 
Homer tried very hard to share his toys. 
 Aiden spent lots of time with his Granny, Pa, Aunt Ali and Aunt Sister. 
My parents came to Morgantown while my mom was home for a couple days to visit and watch the Colts game. 
Talking with Dzia Dzia
Smiling 🙂