5 Weeks

There has been a lot of this lately. But we think it just comes with the territory
as Aiden is becoming more alert. 
As a solution there’ve been lots of walks… rain, dark or cold.
It seems to be the magic trick (for now). 
 After a weekend of trying to catch up on some sleep, Aiden threw us a curve ball Sunday night and decided to cluster feed and not sleep much. He’s probably headed into a growth spurt. Recently, he had been going about 4 hours between feedings at night and 3 hours during the day. Now we’re back to 2 hours with a 3 or 4 hour run here and there. Hopefully this is a short lived change. 

 There’s been a lot of spitting up this week, so we are constantly “wearing baby”. 
Aiden’s been spending tummy time with Andrew and working those leg and neck muscles.  

 I took Aiden to my office to meet Mike and a few others from my department this week 🙂

I also took Aiden to visit Andrew at work, but there weren’t too many willing participants among all the single guys when it came to holding him. He did however impress many of them with his custom made Halo 4 onesie (thanks to the Crayola airbrush toy). 
Changing table, bed or torture device? It depends on who you ask.
 The cats are starting to come around. They don’t seem to mind the screaming too much anymore. In fact, Zoey has started to claim many of Aiden’s things as her own. 
And another video, in case three wasn’t enough for you. 

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