11 Weeks

 Chillin’ on the couch after a hard day’s work. 
 Getting lots of tummy time (and spitting up constantly).
 Aiden loves flying with his dad (and drooling on him).
 He’s been practicing sitting up and standing.

Clearly the best of friends…
 Despite that cozy cat bed and futon Elly can’t resist a good plastic bag.
 Hanging out with Mr. Mike… so comfy.
Talking to his dad…
Baby Push Ups…

It was a very low key week. We returned home Monday from Indiana and our flight back was much less dramatic than our trip there. We got home early Monday and Andrew went back to work on Tuesday. I wasn’t sure how recovering from our travels would go, but by Wednesday night Aiden started going 5 hours between feedings again and he didn’t seem too bored with just me around. We did visit my office on Friday to say hi and get out of the house. I had an obnoxious cold all weekend which Aiden showed some minor signs of but quickly faded (yay breastfeeding). Andrew spent lots of time with Aiden during the weekend to make sure I could rest and recover quickly.

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