12 Weeks

Aiden has really started to enjoy toys hanging above him. He’s been swatting at them, grabbing and talking to them. It’s nice because he entertains himself more now. 
He even fell asleep on his own while playing, no swaddling, no fussing. It was amazing!
We’ve been taking walks around the house in his umbrella stroller. If I sit him in front of the window afterwards it’s just like we went on a real walk, right?
Aiden gets lots of daddy time in the evenings. 
Trying to use his words…

He’s still working on that hand eye coordination thing…

Andrew and I reached a huge milestone in our book! We both slept in our room at the same time ALL NIGHT this past weekend (totally jinxing us by putting this out here). Aiden has been sleeping long enough CONSISTENTLY at night and going back to sleep with hardly any help from us, so we no longer felt it necessary to stay in his room. I also get more quality sleep in our room because the baby monitor doesn’t transmit all the tiny noises he makes throughout the night, so I am only waking up when needed. He typically goes 5 or 6 hours after eating around 9/10pm then another 3/4 hours, so I’m really only getting up once in the night to feed him. This also means, for the most part, Andrew does not have to get up in the night which is better for him being back at work. Of course, this routine may regress when teething begins or during growth spurts, but we’ll take what we can get for now. Speaking of growth spurts, we’re pretty certain he went through one on Wednesday and Thursday. He was eating constantly, every hour or two, and never seeming full. Those days home alone were awful because he was always fussy and I could barely do anything for myself… like eat. It was torture, I felt like we were back at week 3.