Indiana (Part 2)

Let the Red Neck Games begin!!! 
 “Won’t you come play with me sister bear”
 Andrew debated standing but thought better of it and you have to watch out for those neighborhood cars.  
Also, if you wipe out you get snow in your beard.
Four generations!
Talking with Papo…
Modeling one of his Christmas presents. 
 Floor time with Dzia Dzia
 Meeting Aunt Sarah and Tamas
 Meeting Adam and Nikki
 Good times with good friends…
 Yum… time to eat! Aiden’s favorite thing 😉
 Playing with MeMe.
 Playing with Great Granny. 
Aiden’s in his Christmas outfit and ready to party.
 Sarah and I getting Christmas dinner ready.
Aiden had his first play date with Samuel next door. Unfortunately when one was awake the other was asleep. 🙂
Practicing sitting up with his dad (the NCIS dialogue in the background in my favorite).