16 Weeks

Aiden’s hanging in the laundry basket while I swap the washer and dryer. Doing house work with him is not very efficient, but we’re learning.
Blowing bubbles is his new skill. I’m pretty sure he thinks this is talking because I do it to him so often. 
“Thanks for my dance and wiggle puppy Great Granny, it makes me so excited I sometimes knock myself over!”
He’s chatting with that turtle.
Exercising those leg muscles with Emily. 
While Emily was visiting this week we also managed to knock out a craft project and make her a meal board using a frame from Goodwill and Fat Quarter of fabric. The fabric couldn’t have been a better find. This was a very quick and thrifty project for less than $10. 
After starting off the week with a very fussy Monday and very few naps, we’ve tried some new tactics to make the days go smoother. Aiden was only napping about 20-30 minutes at a time and seemed so tired all day. So after a little reading and talking with Andrew we decided to try to swaddle and lay him down sooner than we had been. We’ve been tracking his eating/sleep schedule with an app on the ipad and after looking at his typical routine the last few days we started laying him down just 15-20 minutes earlier and oddly enough he falls asleep sooner with less fussing. It’s subtle but makes the day much more pleasant. Now he’s napping 35-50 minutes at a time. I spend less time wrestling him to sleep and have a little more free time to get some things done (ya know, like shower). We met with several of the mamas from birth class twice this week, went to a Bring Your Baby Matinee with Kathryn and Max, and Aiden went to Discovery Bay while I got a great workout in on Friday.