15 Weeks

Enjoying some quality daddy time during the long weekend…
Andrew and I enjoying some quality time without our little one… it was very good for us 🙂
We took a walk on Saturday and Aiden was very serious about it.
Aiden is a very happy baby when he wakes up in the morning (around 8am)
The Zomicide miniatures, individually painted by Gabe
Aiden taste testing some fingers besides his own… 

Our week began with the end of the very cranky phase. Yay! Of course, just as we were reaching our breaking point. We went to a Bring Your Baby Matinee with Kathryn and Max on Tuesday. Max slept through the whole thing. Aiden was pretty talkative aside from his 20 minute nap, he’s still learning movie etiquette. On Thursday we picked up Emily and went to Capitol Hill to see the Frye Art Museum, unfortunately I think half of it was blocked off because they were setting up a new exhibit. We ate delicious food at a little Mediterranean restaurant and then picked up a few cupcakes from Cupcake Royale. Lucky for us, Andrew has the day off Friday so we had a great three day weekend together. Friday I went to the gym in the morning and then met up with a few of the moms and babies from birth class that afternoon. Saturday marked a milestone for Andrew and I. We dropped Aiden off at our gym’s day care and spent a little quality time together wandering Redmond Town Center, picking up lunch and then grabbing a drink at Malt & Vine. It was a much needed break and Aiden didn’t seem to mind the change of scenery. Sunday skyped with DziaDzia Meme and played Zombicide and ate blueberry phankugen with Debbie and Gabe. It was a great week!