A Mamas' Road Trip and Other Random Happenings

Two other mamas (from our birth class) and I rented a mini van and took our three babies to Lake Chelan this weekend. There’s was lots of chatting, a walk by the lake and great food… taco salad, spinach artichoke stuffed chicken and grain free pancakes with bacon and eggs. It was an adventure!
 We got to see 5 deer in our backyard this week. Deer around our house is not unusual,
but 5 is a record for us. 
 Aiden loves his new monster jammies that showed up in the mail from Rachael. 
 He is constantly rolling over now and spent one afternoon rolling all 
over the floor with this giant worm. 

 He’s learned that daddy’s ears make good handles. 
 He just can’t get enough bath time!
Aiden’s second tooth poke through this week and we’ve had a much happier baby every since. We could stand for a break from teething for a while. Now we just need to get sleep back under control. He’s been waking up every 3 to 4 hours at night which just isn’t working for anyone. 

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