4 Months!

Aiden and I flew to Indiana for a visit to take advantage of the time off during my maternity leave. All our flights went smoothly with no delays or cancellations, unlike Christmas, but flying alone with a 4 month old was still a challenge. Luckily there was a wonderful stranger sitting in front of us on our second flight from Utah to Indiana that was kind enough to walk Aiden up and down the isle to give me a break. Yes, I did in fact give my baby to a stranger. Do I feel bad about it? Not really. It was much needed and she was so nice. In fact, she rocked him to sleep for me. He was so fussy, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep, I think he could feel the stress oozing from my pores as the flight wore on. I also originally booked window seats which I’ve decided was a mistake. The aisle is better for getting up and not disrupting anyone else. Despite the struggles flying it was totally worth it to get to visit the grandparents and family.  Our flight to Indy was also an evening flight, not the best timing, but our options were limited. Our return flight was early and that was definitely better. 
I made this outfit for him for Halloween, just for fun because he was due then. But, of course it’s been too big until recently, so he wore it in Indiana in February. 
 Bouncing with Aunt Sarah…
Playing with MeMe…
  These are two happy guys. 
 We drove down to Bedford to visit Papaw and Karen. Of course, there was a yummy batch of divinity waiting for me that Papaw had made, YUM!
 Taking a ride with Homer and lounging with Aunt Ali
 He got a Hawaiian turtle from Maui! 
 Naps with grandpa and baths with granny are always the best…
 This pretty much defines teething, very sad, I know. BUT his first tooth poked through his lower gums on Thursday, so at least we have proof of progress now. 

I completely spaced taking pictures Friday evening, but I was surprised with a little birthday party. My parents and sister came to Hamptons and Papaw drove up from Bedford. It was so thoughtful and wonderful to celebrate with family (it’s something that doesn’t always happen when you live far away).  I got some delicious strawberry cake (that I didn’t get to enjoy at our wedding). It was a great evening and the perfect end to our trip. I’m constantly reminded and try not to take for granted that Andrew and I have two amazing families 🙂
It’s always good to be back at home petting Elly cat and napping with dad. This was my last week off before heading back to work on Tuesday.

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