5 Months!

At 4 months I didn’t feel like time was flying, but 5 months definitely snuck up on us. It probably has to do with being back at work. Aiden is doing very well at daycare, we are feeling really good about it, and pumping at work has been a success. We’ve certainly been extra tired but slowly adjusting. With our Indiana trip, work and daycare it’s been way to long since we’ve seen some of our friends, so we spent lots of time catching up with people this weekend. 

The weather has been gorgeous, so Nina came over for a walk Friday afternoon. 
 We went to visit Henry and Kathryn at Max and Ozzy’s house.
James and Whitney came over to meet Aiden, the drool monster, Saturday night. He was happy all the way up to bedtime and then fell asleep with maybe only a minute or two of fussing, so we able to play an uninterrupted game of Ticket to Ride. Success!
 And Sunday morning we had brunch with Debbie and Gabe. 
Aiden got a big kale leaf in the garden from Gabe and tried munching on it. 
Aiden’s in his Sunday’s best for Easter with the bunny from his grandparents.  
Unfortunately, Andrew started to feel not so good Sunday, so a very tired baby and daddy snuggled up in the rocking chair for a nap together.  

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  1. SO happy to hear you're all adjusting and looks like between your girls trip and friend visits life is moving right along and Aiden is enjoying it too! xoxo

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