Back to Work and I Kinda Like It

Aiden had his 4 month appointment on Monday he weighed 14.5 lb and measured 25.75 inches. We had to deal with the same 4 miserable shots he got at his last appointment, but I think it went over better this time. We still fed him right afterwards, which worked wonderfully, but this time we also gave him Tylenol before going. We walked out of the office with a smiling baby.

 Aiden was very happy to get home from vacation and get in some good snuggle time with his dad. 

 Aiden tried solids for the first time this week. He had avacado and sweet potato. They went over fine, meaning not all of it was spit back out. At this point food is not suppose to be replacing any of his regular bottles or feedings, this is just to start introducing him to foods so he can practice.

 Zoey has found a new bed she is very happy with. 
 We had a play date (really it’s a parent date at this point) with Kathryn and Max. 
 Hanging out on daddy’s shoulders… the higher the better for this little one!
 We went careening around the house in his stroller because it was raining outside. You can see he was holding on for dear life.  

In much bigger news, I went back to work this week. Andrew took the week off with Aiden so I could start work with a little less stress. I went back on a Tuesday so I didn’t jump right into a full week. Aiden slept poorly the last half of the week but, everything considered, the week went very well. I am happy to be back at work and really not upset about leaving Aiden (we’ll see how next week goes once daycare starts). But who wouldn’t enjoy going back to work with Team Awesome and getting rock-paper-scissor-lizard-Spock dice (a Kickstarter goody from my boss) on my first day back.

I came home to a very happy baby who quickly fell asleep on my shoulder.
Andrew and Aiden came to work and had lunch with me. Aiden got to see Laura and Felix.
Aiden has something to say but he just can’t quite spit the words out.  

I think the concern going back to work this week was pumping. It’s not stressful or challenging for me to pump at work (and I am so grateful) I am just not able to pump quite as much as he’s eating. I have been pumping and freezing for a while so we have back up milk, and my supply should adjust to pumping and pick back up. For now I just have to remember (and Andrew often reminds me) that this was expected, to be patient and don’t stress over it.

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  1. You're doing such a wonderful job! Pumping and breastfeeding! Woot! I'm so glad you have a supportive work environment, and Andrew is wonderful:) Glad you two have each other!

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