Bring On Daycare, Goodbye Swaddling!

Aiden is trying very hard to be sure we aren’t at all sad about taking him to daycare this week. He began waking up every two to three hours at night last week and continued into the beginning of this week. He is inconsolable throughout the night, whereas before he would go right back to sleep after eating. It is unbearable to go back to that kind of sleep deprivation. There are several factors that could be contributing to his new routine, or maybe it’s not a single one, just some little thing in his brain changed. He also began rolling over (back to tummy) repeatedly so we said goodbye to the swaddle, cold turkey (This was scary, we loved swaddling). I’m back at work but Andrew still had the first three days of the week off. We planned to ease Aiden into daycare throughout the week so he went 3 hours on Monday and a little longer each day. Thursday and Friday Andrew and I were both at work, Andrew would drop him off and I would pick him up. With his current routine and new found strength for fighting sleep we were okay letting someone else wrangle him for a while. I was completely exhausted.  I don’t think Andrew was quite as tired, but he would stay up late researching and reading to try and figure out what to do about this little monster’s sleep (I say monster with love). We’ve also said adios to the binky.

He gets a bath almost daily since daycare has started, just to fight as many of the germs as we can. 
 Telling his dad all about his day. 
 Practicing sitting up with mom. 
 I couldn’t pass up this $5 consignment store find. It goes great with our retro game baby room theme, plus it’s practical and useful now… for Andrew and I 😛
 I had my 27th birthday on Wednesday, oh yeah! I had a desk full of goodies at work, Aiden got me a necklace (that “he” really wanted to give to me early) and Andrew got me personal training sessions. It’s been a great whirlwind of a year! (To think this time last year you could barely tell I was pregnant and I was puking daily.)
 You can see his lone bottom tooth when he laughs.
 Aiden is getting great reports from daycare during his first week.  

 He’s modeling some of his new clothes, but this face tells me he’s not too sure about this outfit.

 We went and saw Cirque Du Soleil with Tom and Emily this weekend. It was AMAZING! Even having seen their show in Vegas, this was still equally impressive. Aiden went to daycare at the Pro Club. Him and his dad got a good nap in before their big adventures that day.

“I can do it, but I won’t be happy about it.”
He found his toes!
Screechy baby!

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  1. Great videos!! He's adorable:) Happy Belated Birthday, I got your message, but never called you… of course.. I stink! But happy day! ps you look amazing!

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