23 Weeks

Aiden has been a super happy baby most of the time lately. This is new to us the last few weeks, since he quit teething. We’ll take every minute we can get, it makes life so much more enjoyable (we’re certain it won’t last). Sleep has been a little rough still, typically getting a max of about 4 hours at night between feedings. Occasionally it’s a little longer but more often it’s a little shorter. From what we’ve read sleeping can get worse with development, starting solids, and becoming mobile. Aiden is rolling all over the place constantly, getting really good at grabbing and holding on to toys, and showing more of an interest in food. He actually laughs, squeals and giggles now. My favorite is this weird gasp noise he makes when something is funny because he can’t coordinate laughing and breathing. So cute!
 We had a stationary jumper but it just wasn’t working for our house. It was too big to move through a doorway without taking it apart and we don’t really have the space to leave it in one room of our house, so we got a doorway jumper. He doesn’t spend more than about 5 minutes in it but so far he seem to like it.  
 So much happy tummy time now!
 This was the first time he actually showed an interest in consuming a reasonable amount of food (about 1 oz). He thinks it’s better to feed himself. We think it’s far less affective. 
 Lounging with his dad…
These two are quickly becoming besties. But, you’ll notice Elly’s never within arms reach of Aiden 😛
 Andrew and I had lunch overlooking Lake Washington together during work this week. Spring made a brief appearance and it was gorgeous!

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