26 Weeks

 Tom and Emily came over this weekend for food and games. We went to The Root Beer Store and had root beer floats and of course beer. I cooked brisket in the crockpot and Emily made a bundt cake. Needless to say, there was no shortage of goodies. After Aiden went to bed we were able to play some game uninterrupted, one of our newest is Carcassonne. 

 Lounging with the parentals… 
We visited with Nina this week. She came over for a walk and then over the weekend went to her house and hung out in her garage studio. Aiden had a great time with Sophie dog even if she did like to bark at him, and we brought home some beautiful lilacs. 
Aiden had his first swim class this weekend. He did very well and and was comfortable in the water even after going under twice. 
“That’s right, if you aren’t going to sleep through the night you have to learn to make us coffee!”
He’s screaming and screeching all the time….

Wishing he could crawl…