So Many New Things

So many new things happened this week…
Played outside in the grass

Sitting up (a necessary step to crawling)

The beginning of crawling, the beginning of baby-proofing, he’s starting to maneuver himself around. 
(pay no attention to the cord behind the chair) 

Went to swim class with mom. 
Swung in the park with his dad and tried out the slide. 
Had a little party for one of our birth class moms getting married in two weeks. 

We had a very relaxed mother’s day. I stayed in pj’s all day and Andrew took Aiden on their own adventure, so I could enjoy the house to myself. This is my favorite picture because he is keeling over with laughter…

Broccoli successfully DESTROYED! We’ve been using these mesh bags to help Aiden learn to feed himself (plus they make clean up easier). He loves them because he’s far more successful at eating from them than his own hands. 
We’ve discovered a good trick from daycare. We put an oversized t-shirt on him while he’s eating. We aren’t ruining outfits at every meal now and it catches all the food that falls into his lap. We remove the shirt and then it’s just a quick wipe of his hands and face when he’s done eating. Sharing eggs…
I made some delicious BBQ bacon burgers this week. There was too much burger goodness to worry about a bun. 
Andrew cut off all his hair 🙂