7 Months!

All I can say is we are in trouble! This baby is all over the place. We’ve baby proofed a lot but he seems to move and learn faster than we can keep up. 

He pulls himself up on everything and shuffles along the fireplace.
 He’s very consistently eating solids twice a day now. We usually send sweet potato and avacado to day care because those seem to be favorites. At home he’s been trying lots of new things including carrots, beef, chicken, scrambled eggs, banana and asparagus from the farmers’ market…
He LOVES swinging at the park. 

I don’t have too much from this week. I didn’t take even take pictures with anything other than my phone, FAIL! Sleep is still a little rough so I am feeling exhausted and a little defeated in that regard. Work is currently a little hectic for Andrew so that is wearing on him. We’ve done some reading and tried a few things to attempt to change Aiden’s sleeping habits, but mostly it just seems like all babies are different and reach certain milestones at different paces. From talking to several other moms with babies around the same age, we are not alone. This doesn’t seem to be unusual. He will sleep long nights here and there it’s just not anything consistent. He slept 12 hours for Andrew the 2 nights I was out of town but he was also very sick. This week he’s still congested with a cough that gets worse at night, so I guess we’ll just keep doing our usual and see if things are different next week. Last night he did sleep from 8pm to 7am only getting up once at 4am. We’ll see if this is a sign of a new habit (but I’m not getting my hopes up).