Casey & Nelson visit Seattle

Casey and Nelson flew up from California to visit for the weekend. 
We had Angie and Nick over to catch up. We were able to re-create this awesome picture from one of our first weekends together in AmeriCorps (2009). 
It was a relaxed evening catching up and being educated on the Giants and the Padres 😛
Unfortunately Aiden started off the weekend with an ear infection. Andrew and I picked him up early from day care, got him antibiotics and a nice long nap with his dad. By Saturday he was good as new. 
We ate Santorini’s on Lake Washington.

We got a babysitter Saturday night, started off with dinner at The Athena in Pike’s Market and to Zig Zag Cafe for drinks.

After parting ways with Angie and Nick we headed to one of our downtown favorites, Noc Noc, where we met up with Leigh. 
Nelson had never been here before and I attempted to capture his experience of this unique establishment. Some might call it a “farmers market” moment. First there was concern and quiet observation. Then he began to question where he was and how should one approach this situation. 
But with a little time and beer came enjoyment. Comments like “man, I’m sweatin’ my make up off” from a gentleman at the bar did not phase him. And by the end of the night he had fully embraced the Noc Noc experience. 

And Aiden eats a lime…