A Laid Back Week with Sleep!

Aunt Sarah came to hang out. We ate brunch and played.
Baby Tim and Baby Aiden have some serious similarities…
Aiden has been eating lots and lots of finger food at day care (and at home). We’re not sure where he puts it all and it’s not that most of it is ending up on the floor. He’s become very accurate in the last several weeks. This little guy just can’t get enough.
He sort of gets the concept of a book (but don’t try to read it, he hasn’t got time for that).
We got to spend some time with our Mama/Baby friends this week. It was the first time since before our trip back home and it was much needed catch up time. One of our mom friends threw a Healthy Child, Healthy World party to share ideas and resources for creating happy healthy homes. It may sounds silly, but it was actually very useful. What I love about this mama (and her blog, Harmless Home)┬áis that she is practical and price conscious. Plus she does the research for me. I care about the products in my home, I just don’t always have time to do my homework.
Aiden has been sleeping through the night consistently for almost 3 weeks now. Longest stretch ever, YAY! It has helped my mental state immensely and I’ve actually started to do some minor “extra” things around the house, like hanging my Ikea shelves we bought when Andrew’s parents visited. Before it felt like I couldn’t even get the basics done. Now that’s becoming more of an occasional feeling.
He has been practicing walking quite a bit, usually with a toy or waving his hands (which probably makes it harder). He can walk all over the living room now, but he still defaults to crawling often.