10 Months!

I have completely failed at blogging the last several weeks. After our travels and visitors I ended up sick for 2 weeks with mastitis and a sinus infection so we’ve pretty much been in survival mode. Luckily Aiden is sleeping through the night, sometimes waking up once, so I’ve been able to get lots of rest.  
In more exciting news, I gave 2 weeks notice at work. I will be starting a new job August 4th at Responsys in Seattle. I’ll be going from an all-in-one email marketing position to a more focused role as email and web developer which I think will be a welcome change. I will get to really hone my skills. My commute will be a little longer and I will have to pay for parking but these are minor compared to the positives of this opportunity. 
Aiden still loves to eat everything. He is transitioning to the waddler room at daycare now that he walking all over the place. He will still spend time in the infant room but the waddler room is bigger, has more toys, things to climb on, they go outside more regularly, more real food is offered, and they nap on cots (good luck to them with that one).   
He has mastered emptying things…
Aug. 25th 
Sept. 2nd
Playing outside and chauffeur training…
We took Aiden to the Bellevue Mall kids’ play place and it was a HUGE HIT. He was a glowing smile the entire time, found a few other babies to play with and climbed all over. 

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