Brent?! In Seattle!? What?!

Haha! Just kidding, sorta. Sherri, Tracy and Ali came too, but Brent has never been before, so YAY!

We went out Saturday night and had a great timing roaming Capitol Hill. Tom, Emily, Becca and James joined us for the evening festivities. We started off at the Pine Box (formerly The Chapel, my most favorite martini bar, formerly a funeral home, for real). Then went to Auto Battery where there is shuffle board, ski ball and pool. AND you can order hot dogs from Po Dogs, next door. These are no ordinary hot dogs. Andrew ate the Texas Dog and I got the Mac n’ Cheese Dog. NOM NOM! (yummy photos)

The only real pictures I have to show from our night out, is from The Unicorn, our final stop where we visited their photo booth. There were themes to these photos including “in love” “wind-blown” “attached by bats”, our most original “stuck in a photo booth” and then just general confusion for the other half.

We had a pre-birthday birthday party for Aiden. We had Cupcake Royale cupcakes. It was as expected, very messy and thoroughly enjoyed. It just seemed to disintegrate rather than be eaten, but that’s not surprising. Here is the progression…

We’re all rocking together 😛
Playing with grandpa…
Making a new friend 🙂
 Jumping on beds at Ikea with Weezer… what are granny’s for?
Hanging out with mom… he can be very clingy 😉