What a Character!

Aiden is developing quite the personality. I think these 2 pictures best display this. We call the left “the furrowed brow.” He does it all the time… annoyance, confusion, someone new, etc. and then in an instant switches to the face on the right. He’s very fun!
 We went to the park with Des and swung with Ben. It was Ben’s first time swinging and for being just under 6 months he seemed to love it. 
 Andrew and Aiden in their matching gamer shirts 🙂
 We had a play date with Rambo and Ben. Aiden was the old man of the crew and tried to show the 6 month olds how to walk, but they should probably master crawling first. 
Lately he smiles so big, his eyes are often closed.
 “Hey dad, is it cool if I stand on the couch and eat this mouse toy… okay, great, thanks!”
 Lounging around is the best… 
 He got an early birthday present in the mail from Lola, K and Berk. He loves it!
 He is good at rearranging the kitchen and eating without hands. 
 We started off playing with the water and inevitably it ended with no clothes and a bath in the sink.

Aiden has very consistently been sleeping through the night, occasionally getting up once. I’m feeling mostly recovered from sleep deprivation and being sick for four weeks. Good enough, that I have finally started doing more around the house (and I don’t mean cleaning, I actually hired someone to do that). I have started going through each room/area of the house and cleaning out closets, drawers and shelves. I am finding new space in our house which is much needed with all the baby goodies we have now. I have still been pumping at work usually 3 times/day. Aiden take 3-4 bottles/day at day care and then nurses before bedtime. On the weekend he will nurse when he wakes up, before his nap and then before bed (sometimes another time or two), so we are seeing a noticeable slow down in breast feeding. I am very much looking forward to not pumping at work anymore. It just feels like such a chore. Aiden has been napping only once a day consistently for about 2 months now. At day care he will nap for only 30-40 minutes but on the weekend he will nap 1-2 hours (thank goodness).

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