Birthday Week!

Here’s one whole year of Aiden in 52 seconds!
I made Aiden a tent for his birthday. I still need to add the front and back flaps but I’m figuring out how I want to do that.  It can be disassembled and folded in half and I want to keep that option when I add the doors.
 He knows where the bubbles are and won’t let a sticky drawer stop him from getting them. 
 Aiden in his Halloween costume.
This is where our inspiration came from…
He was sick this day and couldn’t go to daycare but we did swing by Andrew’s office for a visit. 
 Playing in the fall leaves…

 Aiden, Andrew and I all got some gross stomach bug this past week. Aiden’s seemed mild and didn’t last long, but he did throw up 3 times which was a first for us. He can’t give you any warning, ICK! Then Friday night Andrew and I both had it at the same time. It was very miserable and we were up about half the night and wiped out the rest of the weekend. We sent Aiden to the gym daycare on Saturday and Sunday so we could have some time to rest and recover.

I’m so glad I have kept up with the blog. I’ve enjoyed being able to do it for our families far away, but Andrew and I have also really come to enjoy being able to look back so easily. Now, when people say “What?! 1 year already?! Where has the time gone?! Can you believe it!?” W can look back and know exactly where the time went because otherwise it really is a blur. And yes, it went fast, but other parts seemed to drag on like teething and sleep deprivation. Having all our memories recorded helps me keep it in perspective and I have less of the nostalgic “they grow up too fast feelings.” We are able to just enjoy the present 🙂