Winter is Coming!

We switched to daylight savings time, boo! It get’s dark so early and our sunny days have quickly faded away. Now it’s mostly gray and cold. Aiden had croup this past week so between Andrew and I we missed 3.5 days of work. He got steroids for his breathing Wednesday night. The cough that came with it sounded like it couldn’t have been coming out this little person, so raspy and painful sounding. He slept horribly and you could just tell he was miserable. He wanted to be carried everywhere and whimpered a lot. He is mostly recovered this weekend but just extremely tired all the time. 
I put door flaps on the tent which make it so much more fun for hiding. 
Aiden figured out how to climb up and down the step stool. 
He’s getting better at walking around while holding our hand. 
We visited Nina in her painting studio this weekend.
 I started to paint our stair banister. It’s a good house project to spend small amounts of time on here and there. I thing it looks so much more updated. The right is almost finished and on the left I just started priming. I’ve also been doing a lot of cleaning out to reclaim some of the space and storage in our house.

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  1. Aw! Poor boo boo! Croup is the pits! K never had, but I've heard it's quite sad:( Poor kiddo! Love your blog, so glad you keep up with it… love seeing all of you:)

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