Christmas in Washington

We had a quiet Christmas at home. We opened our presents Christmas eve (because why not). Daycare was open part of the day on Christmas eve so we dropped Aiden off and then I took Andrew rock climbing for his gift, followed by some gyros and beer for lunch at Malt and Vine. 
Trucks are for riding, I guess…
On Christmas day Tom made an awesome lunch and we all met at the hospital to surprise Emily. Then, the following day we went to Tom and Emily’s for a Christmas dinner with Emily’s family (formally named Christmas with the Walpecaschmidts!). We had ham, salmon and oysters along with lots of other goodies. 
 I decided that Aiden’s elf should live in our Christmas tree, an obvious home for an elf. Now, whenever we ask him to find his elf he looks in the tree, or if he finds it somewhere else he tried to put the elf back in the tree. So funny!
I attempted some Christmas picture of Aiden in Andrew’s baby Christmas outfit. He just refused to sit still for anything, except food which doesn’t make for great pictures. 
 Snuggled up after playing with their new toys…