A Hampton Weekend

The Hamptons visited last weekend from Saturday to Tuesday. We even got a surprise guest, when at the last minute Ali decided to make the trip as well! We ate delicious food at Russels, drank wine, margaritas and beer, played at the park, fit in some shopping and playing at the mall, and attempted a day trip to Stevens to ski/snowboard (unfortunately we turned around because of massive crowds). 
We even got some house work done. Andrew and Tracy ripped up all the entry way tile on Sunday. With the two of them, it took under 2 hours. They even tiled half of it Monday, getting through the few tough cuts around the stairs. They strategically tiles so that we could still walk over the tile while it set.
Andrew and I finished tiling on Thursday after work, and this weekend I grouted and he put the trim back up. Here’s the final product and the before pic which is how’s it’s looked since we moved in (almost 5 years ago!). 
 I added a chair rail to the kitchen and painted the top half the same color as the entry way. I also hung up paintings I brought from Indiana. 
Aiden always likes to see what I’m doing in the kitchen . He knows how to get food from the pantry, is excited to see what’s coming out of the microwave, loves to wash his hands and wants to watch whatever is cooking on the stove (which is rare lately). Just recently he’s even started “helping”. I put the step ladder up to the counter and he climbs right up. He pours ingredients in bowls, stirs and samples things I’m prepping. He seems so happy to be part of the process and know what’s going on.