A Little of Everything

Just practicing his knife skills…
What is this?! Some delicious muffins from Emily Speca, and they were a hit!
We went to Andrew’s office to “help” him relocate his desk since he has officially switched from Test to Dev. Very exciting for Andrew!
I visited Sarah in Portland this past weekend. It was a quick trip but we fit in a lot. We ate at Sauvage and Pix Friday night. Saturday was a killer workout and then my favorite meal experience at Harlow where everything we at was vegan and gluten free. It was phenomenal! The Hawthorne Mac was equal if not better than any mac & cheese I’ve had. We also had Lemon Poppy Quinoa Pancakes, African Peanut Stew, BBQ Tempeh and a Warrior Smoothie. Then before I headed home we went to Edgefield for a drink and to wander the grounds with Sarah’s friends. (I completely failed at getting a picture of the two of us, sad day.)
 We started to redo the entry way. Andrew took down all the hooks and patched the holes while I continued to paint the never-ending stair rails. 
 I painted.
 And bought rails and a shoe cabinet from Ikea to replace all the hooks. My purses fit into the cabinet now, and I there’s extra room in the bottom drawer. I think I’ll hang the mirror but I set it up there just to make sure I liked it.  We’re not planning on using the shoe cabinet for shoes, but for concealed storage. Our shoes will continue to be on the floor. We’re not going to kid ourselves that we’ll every put them away. Overall our entry is much more functional now.
I also finished painting the stair rails (almost entirely). There is a small portion in the loft that still needs to be finished and next to the carpeted stairs.
 To completely finish the entry way we need to lay the new tile we bought and then we can put the baseboards back up.
I’m excited to note (for myself really) that I have officially stopped pumping at work. Yay! It had really begun to feel like a chore and the 2-4 oz I was getting just didn’t seem worth it. I dropped down to pumping once a day about a month ago, but I still wasn’t into it anymore. Aiden still nurses before bed and a little more on the weekend. For daycare we send goat’s milk and he has whole milk. It seems to be working out well for all of us 🙂  Aiden had his 15 month check-up last week he weighed in at 22lb 4oz and 31.7 inches tall. Everything was great! He can start taking a multivitamin which is great because he always wants one when he sees Andrew and I taking them in the morning. Plus, it will ensure he’s not missing any calcium, vitamin D (no more drops) and a little extra iron (since goat’s milk can be low in that).

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