Outside and Little Friends

The weather has been getting a little warmer and the days are slowly getting longer, so we’ve been able to play outside more which Aiden loves. He will find his shoes and sit by the door willing it to open and yelling. He pushes his wheeled toys around the court or we go to the park at the top the of the neighborhood or Grass Lawn Park a mile away.
Aiden loves day care! Many days when we arrive to pick him up we get a quick hi/hug and then he runs off again.
All the kid’s painted “kleenex mailboxes” for valentine’s. We brought bouncy balls for all Aiden’s friends and made a fruit plate to share.
Harper says “Aiden, you’re such a good boy!”
Aiden loves to feed the the cats. He will evenly distribute his toys amongst the two dishes, sometimes it’s toilet paper, sometimes it’s actually cat food. He spilled walnuts on the floor and began carrying them piece by piece to the dishes while I cleaned up.