MeMe & DziaDzia Came to Play

My parents visited for a long weekend, arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday night. We had a wonderful time and as always it was too short. 
 Getting socks put on over his shoes. He insisted.
 MeMe is admiring her accomplishment before this innocent face brings terror and destruction!
 Aiden has really started to enjoy books so much lately. It’s how we lure him to his room at night for bed.
We went to Mount Vernon, about an hour north of us, to visit the tulip fields. They were so vibrant, especially against the cloudy sky. We wandered the field and then across the street they had gardens, a shop and food so we spent most our time there. 
 The fields were a little windy and cool, Aiden was not a fan.
 The gardens across the street from the fields were a great place to run around and climb trees.
 Bouncing the bouncy ball… 
 Making cookies!
 We went to Russell’s for a nice dinner to celebrate their visit and my dad’s 60th birthday. 
 We had wonderful weather every day my parents were here, so there was lots of playing outside.
 Andrew and I also got to go out together Friday night while my parents toddler wrangled for the night. We ate Italian at Bizarro’s with Tom and Emily. It was so great to catch up with them. It’s been almost a month and that is just too long for us to be apart.