18 Months!

Aiden is officially a 1 1/2 (as of April 29th)
We’ve had great weather so we’ve been able to spend almost everyday outside.
Friend hugs at daycare are the cutest!
We went over to Debbie and Gabe’s to enjoy the garden one last time before they moved. We cooked pizza in the oven and made s’mores. Aiden did lots of digging in the garden beds. 

 What comes with 1 1/2 years of life in our house you might be wondering? It has started with a tantrum or two each day. Andrew and I have always really enjoyed Reasons My Son is Crying but we now have an even greater appreciation. Anything can set him off and we never know what it will be. We’re reading him the wrong book, we carried him to the wrong room, we brought him in from the rain, we chose the wrong pants, he has to wear pants, we didn’t give him the food from our mouths… But, he is also even more loving and fun. He now kisses and hugs us goodnight, hugs his friends and teachers at daycare, brings us books and plops down into our laps to read. He will now come find us, grab our finger, and pull us somewhere he wants to go. He loves “helping” me cook, brushing his teeth and playing outside. He recognizes our family members in his photo album and loves pointing out mama and dada. He has started repeating lots of things we say more clearly including up please, down, more please, all done, night night, thank you (if you ask), stuck, lots of uh oh’s, please (in general, when he wants anything). Of course all of this is said in toddler speak, not crystal clear yet.