The Hampton's Make a Quick Visit

Tracy and Sherri came for a visit this past weekend. We kept ourselves very busy on Saturday.
We started our day at the Redmond Farmers’ Market. We wandered around and saw lots of dogs, even some in baby slings, and got asparagus, kettle corn, cheese, cherries, strawberries and peonies.
Sitting and enjoying some of our goodies…
 Then we went to Redmond Town Center where they had the fountains going and Aiden wore himself out for nap time while Sherri and I snuck off to do a little shopping.
 In the afternoon we walked around downtown Kirkland and stopped by the beach to dip our toes. That’s about all you want to do in that cold water.
 Tracy was lucky enough to get some snuggle time on Friday afternoon. 
Aiden was a wild man at dinner…