Dale Hollow

Before heading to the lake we played fetch with the dogs on the dock. It was hysterical.
Headed down the dock to the boat…
Aiden tried everything. He went on the jet ski, swam, tubed, paddle boarded, jumped off the back of the boat and even went down the water slide (only once). He didn’t hate the water slide but he didn’t want to go down it again. The drop from the slide to the water was a little far.

There were lots of boat naps.
We pulled out from the dock for the weekend.
Tracy’s brother and family camped at the state parked and hung out with us on Saturday.

We surfed and wake boarded. There was also a little table topping.
All the water and playing makes you so tired sometimes you can’t even make it to the bed.

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  1. It's literally a table top with no legs attached. We drag it behind the boat and ride on it. Usually putting a stool on top if it to stand or sit on… maybe drink a beer.

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