An Atlanta Wedding!

Aiden and I journey to Atlanta to celebrate my lifelong friend’s wedding. My parents drove down from Indiana and we rented a house in Marietta for the weekend. Aiden and DziaDzia had suspenders and bow ties for the wedding. We had a great weekend together!
Rehearsal dinner with the Dalsing ladies!
We found a playground in Marietta, ate delicious pizza and ice cream, found a few neat little shops to wander through, and saw some impressive sidewalk chalk art during ChalkFest.
 We traveled light (as light as you can with a toddler), with a carry-on, shoulder bag and car seat. I rigged his car seat up to the carry-on so it could act as a stroller in the airport. I didn’t want to deal with baggage claim and plus my parents were able to bring several things in the car with them.
And a pleasant surprise for me… both our flights went smoothly despite that we had a middle seat. Although I worked hard to keep Aiden entertained, it was better than expected. He was well behaved and so excited about riding the planes. He would drag me to the jetway door saying “ride plane, ride plane, ride plane”. I had suckers and the iPad as emergency resources.