Halloween at 2

Aiden was Olaf for Halloween this year. He is obsessed (partly because I am also obsessed). I made his costume using a hoodie so it would be comfortable to wear all day at daycare. I found the white hoodie on ebay and then used felt for all the Olaf features. That’s all, it took me one evening.
 I went to his daycare Halloween party.
 Then we headed to Andrew’s office to trick or treat. Then we spent the rest of the evening at Nina’s while she gave out candy. We don’t usually have any trick or treaters at our house.
Aiden got to meet real live Spartans! 
Aiden tried to sing his ABCs. We’re on our way to visit Andrew’s office for Halloween. His nose is black because he kissed one of his teachers goodbye (Minnie with a black painted nose).

On Aiden’s birthday we took him to Five Guys for dinner. For a toddler with no patience and an early bedtime who loves hot dogs this seemed perfect. 

 Plus it left us time to go get frozen yogurt afterwards.