Christmas Happenings

There’s been lots going on for the holidays and we’ve been having fun. There were parties and white elephants all around. Andrew has had a bit of weird work schedule with 12 hour shifts but it hasn’t been too bad.
We went to KidsQuest Museum one day while Andrew had to work, so fun when it’s too cold to play outside and the house is getting boring. Aiden loves the water stuff. We usually do that last because once he sees it, he won’t go do anything else. We just play in the water until they close.
I tried to take Aiden to see santa one morning at Redmond Town Center near our house but the line was ridiculously long. Luckily they had several other activities and food carts that weren’t busy so we ate tamales, rode the carousel and then took the tractor train ride around Redmond Town Center. The train ride was a huge hit!
Just hanging out at Home Depot for fun… I love these pictures. No line, no charge, so cute! 
 Andrew and I went to my office holiday party. This is the only picture I have from the evening.
I went with a few girlfriends to the annual Four Seasons Chocolate Buffet. It was delicious and a splurge but so fun. 
 I did a cookie swap at work. Aiden was very happy to help me make my Chocolate White Chip Cookies. It was great, I made one kind of cookie and then came home with so many goodies.
I also went to a co-workers “Ladies Who Lounge” party where onsies were required to attend.  
Andrew was able to take Aiden to see Santa during a weekday. I am shocked that he sat in santa’s lap AND happily. We had not prepared him or tried to talk it up at all. He didn’t even see other kids going before him. Maybe next year will be the classic cry? Even last year’s was good in my opinion.
 Aiden is obsessed with buses. He’s never been on one but when he sees them he gets soooo excited and always exclaims “Aiden ride bus!” On Christmas eve I worked in the morning and Andrew didn’t so he brought Aiden on the bus downtown to visit my office. He loved the bus and every time it would stop he would yell “go bus, go!” Upon arriving and looking out the window at the water Aiden declared “I ride boat!” I think this could become an issue (hehe). 
 He got to walk a balloon dog around the office and color on the walls. I think we have him convinced that going to work is very fun. 
Christmas was very low-key. We opened presents, stayed in our pjs, ate candy and relaxed. Aiden mastered gift opening this year so he’s ready for our Indiana visit in January. He got a fireman outfit and ninja turtle robe. Andrew got a new screen and projector for the living room. We still have wiring to hide away, but not before Andrew and Aiden tested out the new setup with Frozen.  
Not relevant to Christmas, but happening nonetheless… Aiden has been requesting to use the potty almost daily for the past few weeks, maybe once or twice a day. He almost always actually goes too. Afterwards he always wants to put on underwear (and my socks?). He specifically requested I take the photo of him on the right.