New Years and Beyond

I was lucky enough to work from home between Christmas and New Years. I gained almost 2 hours back in my day and it was so refreshing. I felt like I had energy to accomplish other things in my day!
I built this helping tower for Aiden. The platform is removable so as he grows we can slide it down to the lower rungs that he currently uses to climb up. I’d seen several of these on Pinterest and all I could think is “where would that sit in my house all the time?” But when Andrew found these plans with a collapsible option I was convinced (We have to make the most of our 1600 sq ft). 
Aiden has been doing a lot of shopping with his grocery cart from Great Granny!
Over the weekend, we took a rainy walk to the park together before heading to get dinner at Blazing Bagels.
I’ve had lots of time to try out new recipes from my Skinny Taste cookbook! Shrimp and Grit, Fettuccine Broccoli and Mongolian Beef are 3 of about 9 recipes I’ve tried so far. Since we have an eighth of a cow in our freezer I started with all the beef recipes first. 
Aiden has had a bit of a cough and hadn’t seemed 100% lately, sleeping a lot and eating a little, then sure enough he woke up with a fever today. Since we’ll be traveling on Saturday we didn’t want to waste and went straight to the doctor this morning to be sure we weren’t dealing with anything that he wouldn’t get over on his own. Turns out it’s an ear infection. Luckily he’ll have a few days to recover before getting on a plane (…and I am using nap time to catch up on the blog).
With my new camera from Christmas I can do video now!

“Where’s W!?” I’m almost certain he doesn’t actually know what W looks like.