A January Christmas (Part 1)

We had a visit from Sarah when she came up from Portland for an interview. Her and Aiden read books and shared breakfast together. We also had a delicious dinner at Russell’s before she headed back to Portland and we flew to Indiana. 

Because of hectic work schedules and plane ticket prices we made our annual Christmas trip to Indiana at the end of January.

Meme made Aiden a reindeer pancake for “Christmas” breakfast. He kept eating the blueberry eyes and asking for more to replace them.

After breakfast we opened presents. Aiden worked on piecing together his new Mr. Potato Head, but he really liked storing the pieces inside.
We had friends over for the last Colts game of the season. Don’t be fooled by our smiles, we were crying on the inside. Luckily we had lots of fun people around to distract from the pain. Dzia Dzia and Aiden enjoyed some quality time together in the ball pit.
We ate very well during our visit, pancakes for breakfast, Mug N’ Bun for lunch and Italian for dinner at a little place in Salem Indiana (not all in the same day of course).

Dzia Dzia and Aiden enjoying their morning coffee and watching the laundry spin…

 Playtime with Meme and Dzia Dzia. He loved telling Dzia Dzia how to drive the train and “loading up cargo”.

 We went to the Indianapolis Zoo on our last day with my parents before having lunch at Shapiro’s. It was a surprising 50 degrees and sunny, plus the zoo has lots of indoor exhibits. It was great to only share the zoo with a handful of other families. A very wonderful experience!


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