A January Christmas (Part 2)

We spent the second half of our Indiana trip with Andrew’s family. Aiden slowly opened his gifts over a few days. The boys assembled the new lincoln log fort (even Homer helped). It lasted about 10 minutes before Aiden had it disassembled again.
Cement was poured for the new barn  while we were there and Aiden got to ride the “big truck” and put his hands in the new cement.
We drove down to Bedford one afternoon and then Papo and Karen came to the Friday evening. This of course include delicious divinity from Papo. 
 Tools, grandpa, and ice cream… what more could a little guy want? 
 Hot tub for the first time! Because getting in the hot tub includes the word “tub” he kept running to the bathroom at first and was confused why he was being taken outside.  
Enjoying the giant ball pit and playing with Granny… 
 Aiden knows how to get every last drop of ice cream from the bowl.
 Waiting for our flight home with Aunt Ali and checking out his goodie bag before he even got on the plane.
 This was our first trip since Aiden turned 2 which means he got his own seat and loved it… so did we (if we don’t think about the cost of it). It was nice not to be clobbered the entire flight.